Green Springs Inn & Cabins
Our History

The McGuire/Marsh family purchased the Green Springs Inn in 1994, making the big trip north and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Together, we ran the Inn for 10 years. Pam Marsh oversaw the grilling with GSI founder Barbara McHugh, while the Diarmuid McGuire and his four kids took turns on the floor or dish duty.

Meanwhile, down the road something was brewing.

In 2003, Boise Cascade traded property adjacent to GSI to a small logging company. The loggers came by to let us know that they were planning to clear cut the parcel, which amounts to about 145 acres. They also hinted that they might be willing to sell the land.

An old friend who loves Oregon’s forests as much as we do, stepped forward to help us purchase the property. But the land still needed to support itself. Thousands of board feet of potential lumber stood on the site–more than enough to pay off the loan–but we had bought the property to save those trees. Logging was not an option.

That logic led us to cabins. Over the previous decade, we had met many people who had come to spend quality time in one of the world’s last great forests. Some had traveled great distances. None of them wanted to see it converted to a landscape of stumps.

We decided to create an opportunity for people visit the mountains and, at the same time, help preserve the forest.

When Pam decided to finish her degree at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, and Molly, the youngest McGuire, entered High School, we moved into town and turned over the GSI operations to different people for a few short stints.

However, after our extended hiatus we’re happy to say that we’re back at the helm of Green Springs Inn, and glad to be here! Come check us out, let us make you an burger, or attend one of our community jam sessions! Life is better than ever in the Green Springs, a special place so close and just far enough!